Zer°emission – Race against sea pollution

by Noora

May 14, 2019



press release 05/14/2019

A love of the sea is at the heart of what we do. Sailors live from and for the sea. Our vulnerability to the natural elements is total. But one of the things we’re suffering the most from is not natural. Rather, it’s the opposite. We’ve seen plastic bottles, styrofoam, plastic bags, Crocs, and balloons floating in the harbours. The pollution in our sea is pretty unreal and tragic. We refuse to close our eyes anymore.

Zer°emission – the race against sea pollution has started.

The zer°emission project works to inspire sailors, race fans, our partners and race host cities to join us in our quest for cleaner seas. Our task is to raise awareness of sea pollution and offer a platform for discussion.

Zer°emission is there where it all happens. The team of sailors will participate in significant sailracing events during 2019-2020 with a modern TP52-class raceboat. We will work with fourteen race host cities throughout the program, striving to impact, influence and change views on marine sustainability during our stay and over the media. The Zer°emission project brings a Seabin trash skimmer to clean up the event marinas. The Seabin is donated to the project by Wärtsilä. The crew will also organize and participate in waste cleaning actions cleaning the Marinas and coasts before races.

Through our sustainability program our partners can utilize sailing sports affinity and visibility in media to raise awareness of the marine pollution. We will engage our audience with creative actions and programs created together with our partners. Our work is ongoing during our stay and through media.

The Zer°emission society consists of sailors and media professionals with only one task in mind – to win the race against sea pollution. One of the Zer°emission crew members is Finnish actor Mikko Leppilampi, who lost his heart to the sea whilst crossing the Atlantic. Leppilampi has joined us and wants to give his own effort to the work for cleaner seas.

Zer°emission team leader Samuli Leisti has seen a dramatic change in the conditions of our oceans through the years. “We have to act now and stop “just planning” actions for cleaning the seas. In my opinion sailing is naturally one of the most suitable sports to raise awareness of se pollution. The nature gives us a great possibility to do what we love, and we have to start giving back. Through the Zer°emission -project we want to perform tangible and noticeable acts for cleaner seas and motivate everyone to join us in our mission.”

Celebrating it’s 185 th birthday  Wärtsilä acts for a cleaner environment by developing clever technology. “A clean environment and the work we do for it guides our business and decision making. In addition to our own business we can influence in the state of our surroundings and the sea by these special co operations that we have participated in with Seabin and now with Zer°emission. Co operating and combining our forces for the climate is the right direction.” Atte Palomäki Executive Vice President, Communications, Branding & Marketing

In addition to Wärtsilä, our quest is supported by Mercedes-Benz, Finnlines, North Sails, Sas Institute, B&G ja B1G

Additional information: Zer°emission, Samuli Leisti, tel. +358 40 746 0958, samuli@zer0emission.com

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Zer°emission – Race against sea pollution

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