Seabin launched at Baltic Offshore Week ORC regatta in Helsinki

by Noora

June 16, 2019





Zer0emission attended the Baltic Offshore Week 2019 regatta which is also considered as the Estonian and Finnish ORC Championships. The regatta kicked off with a 40-miles long offshore race in Helsinki, on Friday, June 14th. The offshore race was followed by two days of inshore racing. This regatta has been held yearly on the both shores of the Finnish Gulf since 2008. 39 offshore sailing teams – 28 from Finland and 11 from Estonia attended the races.

We are still running a bit late on the maintenance schedule so we had to rush directly to the starting line on the first race day. Seabin was delivered to the race marina in Katajanokka Helsinki already on Thursday as planned and the first trashes were picked up after the long offshore race on Friday.

The crew was kept busy inshore with cleaning actions and offshore while sailing. Racing was difficult during the whole weekend due to shifty weather, very light winds and fog. Being the fastest boat on the course we suffered from the wind picking up during the day on Friday and Sunday. Saturday gave us some headache with the big spinnaker and we ended up abandoning the third race and rushing to take care of some small damage to the boat.

With good partners and a dedicated crew the boat was ready to race on Sunday, again and after a long wait for the wind to pick up, one inshore race was pulled off. The time waiting for the wind to pick up was spent practicing and the team was happy with the race, even though the results are not quite there yet.

Despite the regatta results skipper Anssi Lyden is feeling confident and happy with the boat and a the team, considering they have only sailed together under ten times, the development in the team has been very fast.

The team is also very pleased to see how eagerly the community is supporting the Race agains sea pollution.

Link to pictures and videos by Pepe Korteniemi. See also our Facebook page for some more stories , action videos and photos from the weekend.

The next harbour Seabin will be cleaning is in Stockholm. Zer0emsision is attending the legandary ÅF Offshore Race  that will start from Stockholm on the 29th of June. The crew is eager to take the cleaning actions in to the capital of Sweden, where the race harbour is a big event center welcoming thousands of sailing fans to the race-village.

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Zer°emssion takes line honors in it’s first offshore race!

by Noora

June 10, 2019



Sailing is a real team work. After 4.000 hours of sweaty hours building the boat, we were able to participate in the first offshore race after her full refit. Rebuilding the boat has been a huge effort from the all people, who have been working for the boat. The last parts were delivered no sooner than by a RIB-boat to the starting line. It was enough for the 155 miles Espoo-Suursaari race for us to win the line honors among a hundred boats. The final battle was fought only 500 m before the finish line against a SeaCart 30 trimaran.

TP52 ex-Hurakan was bought this year in March from Spain. The boat that was built by Oracle Racing had not been actively sailing for a long time and now got a new life. The extremely well built boat was totally taken off from all parts, fixed, offshore reinforced and painted with the colors of our new team Zer°emission – the race against sea pollution.

The zer°emission project works to inspire sailors, race fans, our partners and race host cities to join us in our quest for cleaner seas. Behind the project there is emission and pollution analysing and compensation models for the businesses in a path towards a cleaner Earth.

The team consists of 35 people – sailors and yachting experts who have been sailing victoriously together for a long time. The latest results are gold and silver from the X-35 one design world championships in 2014 and the Transatlantic Record in ARC 2014, 8d 14h and 39min, with Leopard 3 supermaxi. The team members have also many other world championship medals and regatta victories. The team will also participate in cleaning actions in every location they race and they will also carry the Seabin – sea garbage collection device, which cleans the harbour waters.

In 2019 the team will participate in the biggest offshore regattas in the Baltic Sea and in 2020 we will race in the Mediterranean finishing the year in the legendary Sydney – Hobart race 2020.

“We are super happy to pull this project together. Hard work, but now everything is ready both for the race results and race against sea pollution. Without a committed team and strong partners this wouldn´t been possible. Thank you everybody who are involved for the project. Special thanks to Anssi Lyden – the boat captain, who pulled together a team for refit and finished the boat in very short time perioid. We are ready to race” says project leader Samuli Leisti

The next challenge to the team lies only a few days ahead. We are attending Baltic Offshore Week 2019 that will be held in Helsinki 14–16 of June.

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