A race against sea pollution


Why do we do this?

The zer°emission project works to inspire sailors, race fans, our partners and race host cities to join us in our quest for cleaner seas. Through our sustainability program our partners can utilise sailing sports affinity and visibility in media to raise awareness of the marine pollution.


How do we do it?

Zer°emission is a project for creating awareness on marine pollution and acting to reduce emissions for cleaner oceans. Our storytelling platform merges the best from our partners sustainability initiatives with creative actions that drive the fight against marine pollution.


What are we doing?

Zer°emission engages sailors, sea lovers and nautical cities for actions against marine pollution. Zer°emission an it's partners is striving to impact, influence and change views on marine sustainability over media coverage and in events. Everyone is welcome to join!

“There is trash floating everywhere”

A love of the sea is at the heart of what we do. Respecting it is fundamental in offshore racing.


Sailors live from and for the sea. The water we drink comes from the ocean, only filtered by the desalinating water maker.
We keep our trash bags sealed inside the boat and shower in the rain. Our vulnerability to the natural elements is total. That is why we go out there.

But one of the things we’re suffering the most from is not natural.

Rather, it's the opposite.

We’ve seen plastic bottles, styrofoam, plastic bags, Crocs, and balloons, pretty much everything including a garden table.
Before every start, we have to reverse, just for checking debris from our keel and rudders.
The pollution in our sea is pretty unreal and tragic.

Engaging our host cities for actions against marine pollution.

The Zer°emission project engages with each of our race host cities
throughout 2019-2020 program striving to impact, influence and change
people views on marine sustainability during our stay and through media.
We shall engage our audience with creative actions and programs created
together with our partners

  • Seminars for leaders
  • Cleaning the seas and harbours: Waste collection actions.
  • Creating shareable content generating PR locally and globally.
Puerto Portals 52 SUPER SERIES Sailing Week

Events 2022


30 JULY–6 AUG Copa Del Rey


24 SEP–8 OCT Les Voiles Des St.Tropez