by Noora

February 19, 2021




Zer°emission, in cooperation with Nordic Offset, is the first TP52 boat in the world to calculate and compensate the boat’s carbon footprint. The team’s goal is to sail carbon neutral from 2021 and also makes sure that all purchases made to the team, the transportation of the boat and equipment and the teams traveling is documented, and the resulting carbon footprint is not only minimized but also compensated when necessary.

The calculation of the boat’s carbon footprint is based on information received from the manufacturer and the factory that built the Zer°emission boat. The calculation includes emissions of manufacturing energy consumption and materials, as well as waste management and logistics. The emission calculation is carried out by Nordic Offset based on international guidelines and standards. The carbon footprint of the construction of the Zer°emission boat was rounded to approximately 51 CO2e tonnes. Nordic Offset has also taken responsibility for the carbon footprint compensation. The emissions have been compensated for two internationally certified voluntary emissions trading projects to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and increase carbon sinks (Gold Standard-certified afforestation project in Ethiopia and VCS-certified forest protection project in Peru).

“The Zer°emission – race against sea pollution project is on a mission to raise awareness of ocean pollution and work for cleaner seas. In connection with the events, we have conducted garbage collection campaigns and encouraged responsible behavior through appearances and speeches. In cooperation with Nordic Offset, we can be a leader in the entire boating industry so that others can take care of their own emissions as well. In this way, we can continue to enjoy a clean nature in the future.” Summarizes the project skipper Samuli Leisti.

“It’s great to be involved in the Zer°emission – race against sea pollution project. We see that the project is also a leader for the entire boat industry in terms of climate responsibility. Every industry should take climate actions to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement to limit the global warming to 1.5 C, which is considered safe”, says Maija Saijonmaa from Nordic Offset.

Zer°emission CO2e- neutral by Nordic Offset

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