ORC European Championships 2019 – Fight for cleaner seas

by Noora

August 16, 2019



The race against sea pollution continues in Sweden.

After two days of racing and many more of preparation in Oxelösund Sweden the Zer0emission is fighting for the gold medal in ORC A at European Championships 2019. The regatta continues with two days of inshore racing that will resolve the outcome of the regatta.

The ragatta was kicked of with an opening seremony where the team skipper Samuli Leisti had a chance to talk about why we race against se pollution.

So far the team has finished two inshore races and one offshore race, leaving the team at a second place in the overall standings. Anything is possible now and for sure the race organizer, participants and the spectators are aware of why we are here.

“We are 7,7 billion people on Earth and population grows annually by 8.3 million. We people produce more carbon dioxide than we are able to clean, we litter the seas more, than we are able to clean them. We can´t think that next generation and our kids will clean it. This has to stop.

Sailing is the most relevant sport for the cleaner seas and nature. We want to inspire sailors, race fans, partners, race organizer and cities to do the actions for the cleaner environment. We sailors can be as a role model, but we are not enough, we need all possible parties to make a change.”

So the boats will race hard against each other with a goal to win. But our common goat is the race against sea pollution that we should win.

You can follow the race at the organizers official homepage and please join our Instagram account for live updates and Facebook -page for status updates!

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Zer0emissions from Stockholm to Hanko

by Noora

July 4, 2019




Zer0emission has arrived to Hanko after completing and finishing third in ORCA at Åf Offshore Race. The team was challenged with rough conditions and we are extremely happy about the outcome of the race. The rough beating to the southern end was awarded with a sweet and fast ride to Sandhamn, during witch the boat reached up to 26 knots top speeds.

The race village was visited by more than 200.000 spectators during the Åf Offshore Race week. In the race village environmental issues were a hot discussion and the event organiser KSSS managed to make the environment everyones business. And hey! The word about our mission is starting to spread! Zer0emission was visited by the young Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg who has rapidly become the icon of environmental issues with over 22 million followers on instagram.

Hanko Regatta was kicked off today by a press event where Mikko Leppilampi invited everyone to join our quest for cleaner seas. Mikko’s introduction to the subject was followed by mayor Dennis Strandell, who told about the work Hanko is doing to become a carbon neutral city. The sun always shines in Hanko and their 12 solar plants are a good example of the work they are doing to reach the goals.

Team skipper Samuli Leisti also reminded everyone about why we have chosen a TP52 race boat to attend races and raise the awareness of the state of our seas. “It’s good to remember that this is the only season our boat and crew will compete in the Baltic Seas. Next year we will face new challenges in bigger events where our boat is among the smallest boats able to even attend these events that attract millions of followers around the world. We aim to raise as much awareness to the subject as possible and this can only be done by attending the largest sailing events in the world.”

In Hanko we focus on bringing the #raceagainstseapollution to every race participants knowledge. Zer0emission organizes a cleanup challenge on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Every team in the harbor is invited – the team that collects the most garbage will win Zeropoint compression socks for the team members and everyone involved have a chance to win a 300 € voucher to North Sails.

After racing Zer0emission crew will raise awareness of littering by patrolling in the harbor. An aftersail event open to all sailors, Zer0hour is organized daily between 4 and 7 pm at Brasserie Regatta. Finnish actor Mikko Leppilampi will be hosting the event and introducing our mission to the participants. Feel free to drop by and join the discussion and free drinks between 6 and 7 pm.

In Hanko Zer0emission is chartered by a team of woman. These passionate ladies skippered by Anu Syrmä have joined the mission for the love of sea and donated 5 000 euros to support the project. Thank you for the support!

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Zer°emission – Race against sea pollution

by Noora

May 14, 2019



press release 05/14/2019

A love of the sea is at the heart of what we do. Sailors live from and for the sea. Our vulnerability to the natural elements is total. But one of the things we’re suffering the most from is not natural. Rather, it’s the opposite. We’ve seen plastic bottles, styrofoam, plastic bags, Crocs, and balloons floating in the harbours. The pollution in our sea is pretty unreal and tragic. We refuse to close our eyes anymore.

Zer°emission – the race against sea pollution has started.

The zer°emission project works to inspire sailors, race fans, our partners and race host cities to join us in our quest for cleaner seas. Our task is to raise awareness of sea pollution and offer a platform for discussion.

Zer°emission is there where it all happens. The team of sailors will participate in significant sailracing events during 2019-2020 with a modern TP52-class raceboat. We will work with fourteen race host cities throughout the program, striving to impact, influence and change views on marine sustainability during our stay and over the media. The Zer°emission project brings a Seabin trash skimmer to clean up the event marinas. The Seabin is donated to the project by Wärtsilä. The crew will also organize and participate in waste cleaning actions cleaning the Marinas and coasts before races.

Through our sustainability program our partners can utilize sailing sports affinity and visibility in media to raise awareness of the marine pollution. We will engage our audience with creative actions and programs created together with our partners. Our work is ongoing during our stay and through media.

The Zer°emission society consists of sailors and media professionals with only one task in mind – to win the race against sea pollution. One of the Zer°emission crew members is Finnish actor Mikko Leppilampi, who lost his heart to the sea whilst crossing the Atlantic. Leppilampi has joined us and wants to give his own effort to the work for cleaner seas.

Zer°emission team leader Samuli Leisti has seen a dramatic change in the conditions of our oceans through the years. “We have to act now and stop “just planning” actions for cleaning the seas. In my opinion sailing is naturally one of the most suitable sports to raise awareness of se pollution. The nature gives us a great possibility to do what we love, and we have to start giving back. Through the Zer°emission -project we want to perform tangible and noticeable acts for cleaner seas and motivate everyone to join us in our mission.”

Celebrating it’s 185 th birthday  Wärtsilä acts for a cleaner environment by developing clever technology. “A clean environment and the work we do for it guides our business and decision making. In addition to our own business we can influence in the state of our surroundings and the sea by these special co operations that we have participated in with Seabin and now with Zer°emission. Co operating and combining our forces for the climate is the right direction.” Atte Palomäki Executive Vice President, Communications, Branding & Marketing

In addition to Wärtsilä, our quest is supported by Mercedes-Benz, Finnlines, North Sails, Sas Institute, B&G ja B1G

Additional information: Zer°emission, Samuli Leisti, tel. +358 40 746 0958, samuli@zer0emission.com

Media material:
Press release
Press release in Finnish
Zer0emssion TP52
Zer0emission crew and partners at release event
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Zer°emission – Race against sea pollution

2019 Helsinki | Tallinna | Stockholm | Hanko | Sandhamn | Lahti | Oxelosund | Turku

2020 Helsinki | Stockholm | Palma | St. Tropez | Sydney | Hobart

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